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Would you let an unqualified solicitor manage your house sale or a unqualified electrician re-wire y

Bookkeeping is a legally regulated profession.

Bookkeepers need to be registered with an Institute or directly with HMRC for Money Laundering Regulations – if they’re not, they are practising illegally.

In my 11 years’ experience of looking after the books of SMEs, I have met many businesses, whose books have been ‘managed’ by family members, friends or staff members with a little bit of knowledge (a dangerous thing!).

I have yet to come across a set of books which haven’t had errors in them – either items being claimed for incorrectly, or items not being claimed for (missing out on tax savings!!).

I have compiled a list of ‘Alfonso’s Biggest Bookkeeping Blunders’ – all these are true stories. Identities have not been disclosed, to protect the innocent.

List of 'Alfonso's Biggest Bookkeeping Blunders'

These are only a few examples. Can you be sure you are doing everything correctly, if you don't use a qualified bookkeeper? Are you sure your business would stand up to a tax inspection and not incur penalties?

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