Who we are

Adder Bookkeeping was established in December 2006.  Our core purpose is to relieve business owners of the pain and stress of accounting and support clients to make better business decisions based on accuracy and visibility.
We are passionate about bookkeeping as a professional, valuable service - we aim to delight our customers by being approachable, trustworthy and supportive.

We will provide the following BENEFITS:


  • adding TIME to spend on running your business

  • adding VALUE knowing all possible tax savings are met

  • adding PEACE OF MIND that the business is fully compliant with HMRC regulations

  • adding the CERTAINTY of fixed monthly fees, no surprise bills!

  • adding the CHOICE to tailor the services we offer to your specific needs

  • adding the ACCURACY of reliable figures to help keep you on track and make informed business decisions

We are accredited by the Institute of Certified Bookkeepers.

See what our existing clients say about us in the 'Testimonials' tab.

Current business types working with include:  Manufacturers, importers (multi currency), wholesalers, retail shops, cafes, event management, car body shop repairers, tradesmen, property landlords, holiday lets, care homes, cleaners, graphic designers, health & safety consultants, inventors.

Adding Time & Value

The Team

Helen Bower.jpg

Helen Bower  -   BA Dual Hons, MICB Pm.Dip, 
Owner of Adder Bookkeeping
Big Boss Lady and bookkeeping guru.  Being a fan of ‘Miranda’ has been known to gallop and prance around the office when signing fabulous new clients and balancing tricky numbers.  Also has an extensive repertoire of dirty jokes. 

Lisa Shough.jpg

Lisa Shough  -  AICB PM.Dip
The calm redhead – also known as Helen’s Handbrake (she does need reining in, on occasion).  Office DJ responsible for the management of playlists.  Important job to reduce the number of air guitar tracks, so Helen can get some work done. 


Penny Hall  -  MICB
Lady Penelope is the fashion style icon of the office.  Rumoured to have more shoes than Imelda Marcos and often giving orders to someone on the phone called Parker?

Rachel Mc Diarmid.jpg

Rachel Mc Diarmid  -  MICB
Blonde bombshell and ex cabin crew.  Good at sashaying around the office with a tray of drinks and stowing handbags safely under desks.  Strange inclination to keep asking ‘chicken or beef?’


Ray Bower  -  CQP. FCQI. I.Eng

The wise old owl, responsible for everything NOT bookkeeping related.  Rumoured to have originated in the 19th Century and be a direct descendent of Confucius. 


Ruby Lavery

Ruby Tuesday is the office Girl Friday and Admin Supremo.  Ruby used to own a hair salon business, so we’re hoping she will CUT down our workload, introduce a WAVE of efficiencies and stay with us PERManently.  Top of her to-do list is choosing between Sylvester Stallone and David Beckham, which is a lifelong dilemma. 

Adder Bookkeepping Team_03062021.jpg

Adding Accuracy