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Clear, Honest Pricing - Always

Psssssssssst - want to know a secret? How do some accountants work out their prices?

Fact - some accountants look at your previous year's accounts with the express purpose of finding what you were paying before, and base their quotation on this.

Is this fair? Is this transparent?

Charging by the hour?

Imagine going into a restaurant for a steak - There are no prices on the menu - the waiter explains the chef is being paid by the hour, so the price depends on how long they take to cook the steak.

At Adder bookkeeping, we no longer charge by the hour - charging on time creates uncertainty, making it difficult to budget - with the possibility of surprise, costly bills.

How do we work out our prices?

We charge our clients a monthly fee - with all services spread over the year - how do we work it out?

We have invested in an accountancy software proposal app, which calculates the price, based on:

  1. Number of transactions (sales invoices, purchase invoices, bank transactions)

  2. Number of employees

  3. Fixed fees for certain services

  4. We believe this is fair and transparent. You get a line by line proposal breaking down how our charges are calculated.

Get a fairer deal

Ask your accountants/bookkeepers if they can do the same?

Or do they wet their finger and put it to the wind?

If you are unhappy with your current arrangements, we offer a free health check and no strings quotation.

You can contact us during normal working hours on;


Telephone: 01386 578925

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