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Client Case Studies

The Client: Bright and Beautiful

If you’re looking for a beautifully clean home without all the stress and hassle, Bright & Beautiful is definitely for you. They provide an award-winning concept in domestic cleaning services. Eco-friendly cleaning, tidying, laundry and ironing with the highest standards of security and service.

If you are juggling a busy work schedule, caring for your home and your family then life can get very stressful. The good news is that Bight and Beautiful have a range of affordable domestic cleaning services to give you a beautifully clean home and a brighter you!

In October 2017, new Franchise owner Stuart Callister, met Helen at a Chamber Expo straight away he warmed to her personable, approachable style, but already having an accountant in place didn’t think he needed her services. However, after trying a couple of other accountants and not happy with their standardised, formalised approach he soon gave the Adder Bookkeeping Team a call.

The problem/brief.

In October 2017, Stuart looking for a new business challenge bought The Bright Beautiful cleaning franchise opportunity for the Malvern Hills and Worcester region.


Having previously been a Fine Art Teacher, there were plenty of new challenges building this new business presented.  In a bookkeeper Stuart was looking for someone who was expert and knowledgeable but at the same time personable and approachable, who could work flexibly with him to help manage his books.


After trying several other bookkeepers, their formal, restrictive approach, was not for him. He felt they were trying to bend his patterns of work to fit their formal methods.

How Adder Bookkeeping helped

The biggest help to Stuart has been Helen’s friendly, personable service, which has been completely tailored to the individual. Having no previous bookkeeping experience, he has valued her expertise and has had face to face meetings, feels he can call whenever he has a query but most importantly they have developed a monthly pattern of working that fits in with Stuarts busy schedule.

Current Bookkeeping System

In less than 12 months Stuart’s business has grown significantly. So much so that his is one of the fastest growing franchises for the Bright and Beautiful brand, having complete peace of mind when it comes to his bookkeeping will have no doubt helped towards this achievement.

Now all of the following business essentials are in place:

  • Payroll Help – Help calculating holiday pay with variable hours.

  • Monthly franchise submission and reporting are checked over and submitted.

  • Balancing the books - Ensuring his bank reconciliation is correct.

  • Advice on HMRC Compliance, he was previously unaware of.

  • Set Monthly Fees – with no nasty surprise bills.

  • No more time-consuming, manual calculations.

Results! What has this done for Stuart’s business?

  1. Business Growth – In less than 12 months Bright and Beautiful have taken on 8 staff – the fastest growing franchise for their brand in the UK. Adder Bookkeeping ensure their PAYE, holiday pay and average hours are calculated monthly.

  2. Franchising Software - Adder Bookkeeping has learnt how to use the franchising software and help and support her client in making timely submissions and enable up to date reporting.

  3. Expert advice just a phone call away – Stuart knows he can call the Adder Team with any financial or Tax query and have the answer he needs, explained in an easy to understand way without having to trawl the HMRC website and understand technical jargon.

  4. Confidence – Not having to worry about completing the financial side of the business means that Stuart can focus on other areas of the business like managing his staff and ensuring his clients are receiving the high level of services they expect.

  5. Time – Now that they have established a pattern of working that suits them both, Stuart can focus on developing and growing the business to it’s full potential.

If any of this resonates with you, please get in touch with us via email at, or you can call us on 01386 578925. We would love to help you get to grips with your books.

Stuart Callister
Bright and Beautiful Home 

Having had some negative experiences with other accountants meeting Helen has been like a breath of fresh air. 

She makes bookkeeping and accountancy easy to understand, which for someone like me who certainly does not find accounts easy is invaluable. 

Helen offers an excellent service from payroll to tax returns and everything in between. I cannot recommend her highly enough. Her charges are also very reasonable! 

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