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Client Case Studies

The Client: ALM Fitness

ALM Fitness is a local health and fitness specialist offering a range of different fitness solutions for a variety of people. From Steady Circuits and Fitness Pilates to 6 Weeks intensive Transformation Training, ALM Fitness caters for a wide range of people and their varying fitness needs, to fit in with life’s busy schedule.

Founder and Director Amy Marshall is not only an expert in her field but she is also an astute, forward thinking and ambitious business owner.

In November 2017, she realised that her current Bookkeeping system was not sufficient to keep up with her growing business needs and that’s when she called on Adder Bookkeeping’s help.

The problem/brief.

Before Adder Bookkeeping were called in, Amy was spending up to half a day a week, or 2 days a month dedicated purely to keeping on top of her sales receipts and bookkeeping.

All sales receipts were collated, categorised and added up by Amy herself and then passed on to her Bookkeeper at the time to add to a spreadsheet.

The only format Amy had access to tracking her sales and the health of her business was purely through a paper-based system and writing totals in her diary.

She soon realised that this was not an efficient or effective way and if she wanted more time to spend “on [growing] her business, and not in her business” then she needed a better way of working.

How Adder Bookkeeping helped

After an initial assessment of her current system, a short, informal 1 – 1.5 hour meeting at the Adder Bookkeeping office, Helen Bower, Director of Adder Bookkeeping Ltd put together a tailored proposal that she thought would best suit Amy and her business needs.

Current Bookkeeping System

In just a short space of time Adder Bookkeeping turned around Amy’s Bookkeeping processes and reporting.  Now all of the following business essentials are in place:

  • Adder set up a Cloud Accounting System

  • Receipts are photographed using a mobile phone app.

  • Bank feeds and GoCardless Payments are all automated

  • Amy can access Management Reports so she receives up to date profit and loss information via her mobile app.

  • Advice on HMRC Compliance, she was previously unaware of.

  • Set Monthly Fees – with no nasty surprise bills.

  • No more time-consuming, manual calculations.

Results! What has this done for Amy’s business?

  1. Business Growth – ALM Fitness are now in the process of taking on their first employee. Adder Bookkeeping will be ensuring all PAYE and Digital Tax compliance is taken care of in the future.

  2. Instant, Accurate Reporting - At any time of the day, any day of the week instant, accurate view of the accounts so informed business plans can be made.

  3. Expert advice just a phone call away – Amy knows she can call the Adder Team with any financial or Tax query and have the answer she needs, explained in an easy to understand way without having to trawl the HMRC website and understand technical jargon.

  4. Confidence – Enables foresight and planning, knowing where the business is at financially and where she can take it.

  5. Time – No longer does she have to waste time adding up all her own receipts and keeping tabs. Now she has the time to work on developing and growing the business to it’s full potential.


If any of this resonates with you, please get in touch with us via email at, or you can call us on 01386 578925. We would love to help you get to grips with your books.

Amy Marshall
ALM Fitness

“Great service so far. Absolutely can’t fault it, thank you so much”.

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